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Video production: A game changer in events

There's no doubting it: video isn't going anywhere. As time becomes an ever-scarcer commodity and attention spans continue to decline, video allows for information to be communicated quickly, succinctly and directly to a specific audience. And it's effective, too: targeted, scripted, high-quality video content not only educates and entertains, it also sparks conversation, debate and new ideas.
But when it comes to eventing, video is often sidelined. As a paid-for skill, it’s usually seen as a luxury, and tired, amateurish presentations are used instead. Here, Kim Winstanley, our Chief Growth Officer, talks about why and how video should be part of your events, and offers some fresh ideas on video generation that you might not have considered before. Read it all here:

Video production: A game changer in events

23 Apr 2019 11:53