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Worx Group's top tips for working with a difficult venue

When you're a bride searching for the perfect venue to host your big day, there's often a moment of pure joy when, after inevitably trawling every hall, garden, church, country club and farmyard, you finally find 'the one'. And as event managers, sometimes our job can be a little like being a bride every single day. Because we at Worx Group believe in going the extra mile for our clients to deliver the very best experience possible, we work hard to bypass the boring and find a venue that really speaks to our client's specific needs and vision, and when we find that perfect venue, there's definitely a moment of bridal exhilaration.

So, you can imagine how disheartening it can be to have that exhilaration quickly dampened by the discovery that the venue staff are less than willing to make your dream event into a reality. With two decades in the industry, our team have developed some top tips for working with a difficult venue – guaranteed to help you keep that spark of venue joy alive. Read it here:

26 Nov 2018 16:26