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Mpho 'Popps' and Tumi Mohale join Worx Group family

Worx Group is thrilled to announce that we have officially deepened and formalised our relationship with top SA comedian Mpho "Popps" Modikoane and his sister and manager, Tumi Mohale.
Mpho 'Popps' and Tumi Mohale join Worx Group family

“Worx Group is built on a strong set of values, positivity and the unwavering pursuit of opportunities everywhere,” says John Paul Waites, Worx Group CEO. “Both Mpho and Tumi are dynamic and have unique outlooks on the South African business landscape. We connect with their passion for finding and making the most of opportunities and have no doubt that their fresh new perspectives will help shape our business into the future.”

Mpho Popps Modikoane is an award-winning comedian and TV personality known for his razor-sharp stand-up routines and ability to endear himself to just about anybody – if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mpho on stage or meeting him around our offices, you’ll know what we mean! In his unassuming way, he has developed a reputation for the utmost professionalism, and he brings a wealth of ‘behind the scenes’ experience to our team that we feel fits perfectly with our Worx Group values. “I have always hustled and inherently look for opportunities everywhere, which is one of the reasons this partnership is such a good fit. At its core, Worx Group is still a family business and that appeals to me. Plus not many people know I love the creative process, and am a beast in the boardroom,” says Mpho and as an entrepreneur with a keen eye for business, we’re already seeing the positive implications of having his fresh eye for opportunity in our team.

Entrepreneurial spirit clearly runs deep in this family. Tumi is credited with taking Mpho to a live comedy show, which prompted him to take the leap into pursuing comedy full-time – South Africa thanks you, Tumi! She has been a formidable force in his career and is an entrepreneur in her own right – with a background working in creative agencies, Tumi is a founding member of The Other Girls, known for organising the hugely popular The WKND Social series, and also founded Sweet Life Management. To Tumi, “There is something so satisfying about running a great event, it’s addictive! Breaking stereotypes has been a hallmark of my career, along with a hunger for learning new things. Make no mistake, I am an influencer and I have a big picture of where I want to go. I see Worx Group as the epic engine and this partnership comes at exactly the right time for me.”

Worx Group already has a strong reputation for creating and presenting world-class large-scale events supported by design, content, and production services, and this new partnership is set to take this to new levels, offering a whole new angle to ensure that our clients succeed. We know that events are at the centre of modern-day marketing campaigns, and with so much combined experience and passion, we have no doubt that this partnership holds much promise for opportunities to deliver creative marketing and business solutions to our clients. Real people, real actions and real results come from collaborating with like-minded individuals and investing in growth.

Worx Group’s BEE status remains unchanged at Level 2 following the conclusion of the partnership, which is as of effective 1 September 2018. Here’s to the next chapter!

1 Oct 2018 11:32