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Planning a fundraiser: What you need to know

Since we first started our business, we've been lucky enough to be involved with some incredible charitable causes. From golf days to comedy events, live performances to days outside, we've found that special events aren't just the most successful way of fundraising, they can genuinely be the most fun and engaging, too. There are so many ways to raise money for a great cause, but while social media challenges and text campaigns might seem like a step into the modern world, nothing beats the benefits of meeting with your potential donors face to face.
Planning a fundraiser: What you need to know

But while fundraising events are a great way to make money for your charitable cause, that doesn’t mean that they’re without stress. We’re not talking a church bake sale here: a full-scale, comprehensive and successful fundraiser can have as many turning cogs and moving parts as any other event. So, to help you on your way to total fundraiser joy, we’ve put together the must-knows when planning a fundraiser in our latest blog. Read it here:

18 Sep 2018 15:08