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Understanding event return on investment (ROI)

When it comes to eventing, calculating event return on investment (ROI) can be complicated. It's understandable that today's event planners are increasingly being asked about ROI by their clients and team leaders, but it seems there's no one clear way to track it, and many event planners don't know where to start - or, in fact, what event ROI even means.
Understanding event return on investment (ROI)

Simply put, event ROI refers to the net value that an event marketer gets from their event for the net cost that went into producing it in the first place. And while the idea of ‘money in vs money out’ might seem like the most obvious and easiest way to track ROI, it’s important to note that value is a much more complicated term than just event revenue. That’s because there isn’t only one way to track an event’s ROI. To learn the importance of event ROI and the many ways to track it, read the rest of our blog:

18 Sep 2018 08:14