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Event budgeting: Making informed budget estimates

When you're deep in the excitement of planning a new event, sometimes the last thing you want to have to think about is the B word... Budget. We get it: Nothing puts a damper on big dreams, big ideas, and big plans quite like a limited budget, but there's no denying that developing a budget (and then sticking to it!) is key to having a successful event. After all, you don't want to book a huge act to perform, only to find that you've blown the budget and now don't have anything left to spend on things like a venue and food - definite Event Must-Haves.
Event budgeting: Making informed budget estimates
While we’ve already worked hard to cover the Basics of Event Budgeting and have even given you a few tips on How to Save a Little Money, one of the strongest skills you can develop and then hone is the ability to build an estimated budget that is both informed and as accurate as possible.

Our experience has taught us that it’s near impossible to come in exactly to the rand at the end of your event, but with these tips and tricks, we bet your final tally will be a lot closer to the estimated total than you expected – that’s the beauty of an informed estimate! Read our latest blog to make an informed budget estimate for your next event:

10 Jul 2018 09:57