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How to define your event goals and objectives

Event planning has become more than just organising get-togethers that people will enjoy. Yes, that's obviously important, but to keep a finger on the pulse in an ever-evolving industry, you need a sound strategy. And while the word strategy may sound intimidating, it simply means being considerate of your event objectives and its impact on your business/brand.
How to define your event goals and objectives
The alignment

Mapping out an event strategy should always start with your event brief at its centre and with the overall business goal close at hand. It’s imperative that your business strategy drives the purpose for your event – this gives the company “legs” to carry on for months after the event has taken place, meaning that the event should always feed back into the company in the long run. This could be in terms of revenue, client build, or even audience reach. To do that, you’ll need to clearly identify what your event objectives are...

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4 May 2018 10:31