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The perfect event brief

Punctual, organised, creative: these are some of the qualities commonly used to describe an exceptional event planner. However, the qualities of an event planner can really only go so far in making magic - while organisation and creativity might make up 50% of an event's success rate, the other 50% is in the hands of the event host. So, how do you as an event host take control and deliver your 50% as easily as possible? With the perfect event brief.
The perfect event brief
Know what you want

We’ll admit that 50% sounds quite weighty. But, we’ll also be the first to back this statement up because in the 20 years we’ve been in the industry, we have found that giving the event planner a detailed brief, as opposed to a vague one, yields a more positive result that keeps event-goers coming back. A client who knows what they want will not settle for something they didn’t ask for, just as an event planner with a solid brief won’t risk producing an event opposite to what’s been laid out. We know event planning with a strategic purpose can be overwhelming for new planners who often wonder where to start, so our team of experts got together to reveal strategies that will help you draft the perfect event brief...

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18 Apr 2018 11:26