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Tradeway Promotions welcomes creative giant, David Tshabalala, as head of design

In a significant move to strengthen its creative leadership, Tradeway Promotions has appointed David Tshabalala as head of design. Celebrated as an influential thought leader and a beacon of creativity, Tshabalala, also known by his artistic moniker Slaying Goliath, is set to steer Tradeway's design vision into the future.
Tradeway Promotions welcomes creative giant, David Tshabalala, as head of design

Tshabalala brings a wealth of experience and innovation in the consumer goods and services marketing sector. His creative acumen is widely recognised, with his works resonating with South Africans across the nation. Tshabalala's innovative mindset and substantial contributions to digital art and branding have established him as a force in the industry.

Tshabalala’s portfolio, which includes the culturally iconic Davetionary series, reflects his profound ability to blend artistry with digital innovation. His recognition on the Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans list is a testament to his considerable talent and influence.

Beyond his creative ventures, Tshabalala has demonstrated a passion for mentorship, judging the Wild Bean Cafe’s Design-A-Cup competition, and leveraging his platform to uplift emerging artists. His ethos aligns with Tradeway’s mission to deliver not just marketing solutions but to also forge meaningful connections with consumers, while creating transformative growth opportunities in society.

Tshabalala’s exceptional career trajectory, marked by his founding of Suketchi, a branding and design innovator, and his progressive work as a digital illustrator, positions him as the ideal leader to drive Tradeway’s creative agenda.

Tradeway Promotions is excited to embark on this new chapter with Tshabalala, who brings not only his vast experience but also his forward-thinking approach to the forefront of the shopper marketing industry. With Tshabalala at the helm of design, Tradeway is set to redefine experiential marketing with a blend of tradition and innovation that speaks to the heart of contemporary South Africa. His appointment is a commitment to innovation and excellence, and we look forward to the new heights his leadership will take us.

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15 Nov 2023 10:38