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Everlytic launches new playbook for email marketing success

New year, same email marketing stats? Everlytic has launched a guide to remedy this.
Everlytic launches new playbook for email marketing success

As South Africa’s largest digital messaging platform, Everlytic is constantly looking for new ways to help industry professionals get the best results from their email marketing.

If there was a single, golden principle to make open and click-through rates skyrocket, the company would share it, but the secret to effective email marketing lies in optimising all key aspects of a campaign.

This is why Everlytic has created a new guide to support marketers at every step of their email campaign journey – from solid strategic planning to performance tracking. It’s called Crafting Impactful Emails: A Marketer’s Playbook for Success.

The guide – which is free for anyone to download – shares best practices that present a holistic picture of what’s needed to create a powerful email campaign.

You’ll learn:

  • A 4-step approach for developing effective email campaign strategies
  • 7 Tips for creating promotional email copy that engages readers
  • How to streamline mobile responsive email templates and landing pages
  • 4 Ways to optimise your subscription forms to prompt recipient action
  • How to identify focus areas for improved data privacy and deliverability
  • Steps to measure your campaign success through tracking
  • Simple ways to free up capacity and boost campaign performance

That’s not all. As building, sending, and tracking email campaigns can be challenging and time-consuming, Everlytic is giving marketers an easy solution.

The company has a Digital Services Team that can take the reins and fine-tune email campaigns to ensure marketers get the best results. The guide shares details on how the team can lend a helping hand to give campaigns a boost.

Click here to download Everlytic’s free playbook for email marketing success today.

22 Mar 2024 15:32