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Email personalisation event replay: 8 mistakes you may be making... and how to avoid them

Everlytic recently hosted an event in the UK with keynote speaker Kath Pay, a best-selling author and Email Marketing Thought Leader Award winner. At this event, Kath revealed the eight ways that many marketers go wrong when they personalise their emails. And now, the recording is available as a free replay.
Email personalisation event replay: 8 mistakes you may be making... and how to avoid them

Why email personalisation?

At the UK event, Kath Pay shared some potent statistics about why email personalisation is important, like:

But why do stats like this matter? Because, as Kath revealed, consumers want a personalised experience. They want the corner-shop experience when the shopkeeper knew you personally and gave you treats that they knew you’d love.

In today’s online marketplace, the best way to replicate this experience is using email personalisation.

Learnings from the replay

The event replay gives viewers ideas on how to stay ahead of their competitors, ensuring that they give customers the enhanced customer experience they long for. Viewers learn things like:

  1. What can go wrong when marketers are overwhelmed by email personalisation and how to address it
  2. How and when to use covert and overt personalisation, and when personalisation can get too much
  3. The risks of over-segmenting email databases, what to look out for, and how to avoid it
  4. How to use copy and tone of voice to simulate personalisation when marketers don’t have the resources for more advanced tactics
  5. Why lifecycle automations get so much engagement and how marketers can maximise their campaigns using them
  6. How to test email marketing correctly to increase customer lifetime value
  7. Why marketers should be using dynamic content to increase engagement, revenue, and customer retention
  8. Why having a journey-wide personalisation strategy is key to boosting ROI

How to watch the replay

Marketers who are new to email personalisation or looking to enrich their current strategy can join Everlytic and Kath Pay to uncover the eight ways that they may be going wrong when personalising emails – and how to avoid them to stay ahead of their competitors. They just need to register for the free replay here.

More about Kath Pay

Kath is one of the UK’s leading email marketers, having won the Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year award from the ANA/EEC in 2021. Her best-selling book, Holistic Email Marketing, also won the Highly Recommended award for the Sales & Marketing category in the Business Book Awards in 2021.

About the Everlytic platform

Everlytic is the bulk communication and automation platform that helps you grow. From day one, it enables you to send out bulk communication and automatically manage your database, then it empowers you, step-by-step, to maximise your messaging and increase sales with personalisation and automation. Get a demo here.

20 Jul 2022 09:01