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Amasa Joburg calls for nominees for 2018/19 committee members

Do you want to make a meaningful contribution to the media and advertising industry? Do you feel that you can make a positive impact by contributing to the current state and future of our industry?
It’s time to form the Amasa (Advertising Media Association of South Africa) Committee for 2018/2019. If you answered yes, to both the questions above, then Amasa would like you to join its Committee!

Members of the communications, media or advertising industry who wish to stand as committee members may nominate themselves or anyone who is willing to stand.

Amasa’s core focus is on ensuring that we improve the education levels of those with an interest in the media, marketing and advertising industry, with a view to improving knowledge and skills in media decision making techniques and their use.

The chairperson of Amasa Committee 2017/18, Wayne Bishop, extends an invitation to all eligible media and advertising players to join the AGM taking place Wednesday, 13 June 2018, at Vega School, 444 Jan Smuts Ave, Bordeaux, Randburg, 2194.

If you aspire to elevate our industry to new heights, then you would serve well being a part of the Amasa Committee, we are looking forward to the nominations for the 2018/19 Amasa Joburg Committee and expect that we will get energetic committee members who will bring with them passion and educated opinions over the next 12 months.

It is important to our industry that the Amasa Joburg committee is a well-balanced and representative committee, of media owners and agency representatives, as well as marketers. So, the nominations are open to all sectors of the advertising media and include all marketing and media professionals.

Even though the Committee members serve as volunteers, it is rewarding, both professionally and personally, to be a part of elevating our industry to new heights. And it’s also a lot of fun! I welcome all to apply now!

Those willing to represent on the Amasa Committee 2018/19 will be required to
  • Manage a dedicated portfolio within the committee and assist wherever needed on other portfolios
  • Attendance at monthly committee meetings and forums is also required
  • Continue the passion, selflessness and energy of the current committee
  • Apply forward thinking strategies to help Amasa evolve, so it remains a relevant and significant association for the industry.
Nomination process

Should you wish to nominate yourself or a colleague to stand for the Amasa 2018/2019 Committee election, please send a short motivation and picture of yourself (or nominated person) to Wayne Bishop (az.oc.krowtendhp@pohsib.enyaw) and Andrew Maluleka (az.oc.lni@akelulam.werdnA). Please ensure that the person you have nominated has agreed to stand for election.

Voting will take place at the Amasa AGM on
13 June 2018,
4pm for 4.30pm
Vega School, 444 Jan Smuts Ave, Bordeaux, Randburg, 2194.

Deadline for nominations is noon Tuesday, 30 May 2018.
The new Amasa committee will be announced at the AGM.

28 May 2018 09:44


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