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Big Issue

Thirst Bar services is known for some high-profile events in South Africa and is always a well-known brand at any glamorous function, however Thirst found an opportunity to give back to the community in Cape Town, when the Big Issue magazine approached Thirst to invent two healthy non-alcoholic cocktails, to serve to underprivileged people who were being tested for all kinds of diseases in order to get them help in treating them; these people are the same ones who sell the magazine on the side of the road for the Big Issue. Thirst jumped at the chance to give back to the less fortunate people and offered their bars free of charge, the day was fantastic and people who really needed help managed to get it. Well done to everyone involved.
Big Issue

Thirst Cape Town Friday afternoons cocktail sessions

Thirst Cape Town has opened up a cocktail lounge at their new offices in Paarden Island where clients and potential clientele can come sit in our lounge area and chat as well as visit our very own Thirst Bar and café area where they will be served some fresh Thirst cocktails and get to try out various different cocktails and see exactly why Thirst Bar Services is so popular all over South Africa. The Thirst offices have been beautifully decked out with furniture by Regal Rental furniture. To book a Friday tasting email . Another exciting addition is Certified (, with having just moved in, now offer their bartender training courses out of the recently completed Thirst training center. Certified, who also offer a range of adventure and lifestyle courses including STCW 95, Yachting, Stewardess, Culinary, Scuba Diving, Beauty Therapy, First Aid and Advanced Driving, will be working closely with Thirst in training able-bodied individuals for local and international work.

Big Issue

13 Jul 2009 11:37


Re: Big Issue - Loosing the plot!-
This is seriously loosing the plot! Thirst is "helping out" the unprivileged by providing them a non-alcoholic drink!! How out of touch with the realities of poverty are you guys! Can't believe that the folks at Big Issue, who knows what the real challenges of the unprivileged are in light of it whole existence based on it! This is just another stupid gimmick that completely is out of touch with its target audience. It's also disgusting how the Big Issue is benefiting from something as poorly thought-through as this.
Posted on 13 Jul 2009 15:18