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Taste of Jo'burg 2008

Monte Casino hosted this year's Taste of Jo'burg from 9 October to 12 October where approximately 17 000 people sampled food from 15 of the top restaurants in Gauteng. Thirst and Ciroc Vodka were present to display their ‘unique to South Africa concept' - The Bartenders Market.
Taste of Jo'burg 2008

This was Thirst and Ciroc's second appearance together showcasing the Bartenders Market and this proved to be a huge success once again with Thirst making an average of one cocktail every minute and a half. The concept that stems from the Bartenders Market is that each individual has the opportunity to design their own cocktail while the mixologists from Thirst combine the fruit with premium branded Vodka, Ciroc.

Taste of Jo'burg 2008

The process entails collecting two various types of fruit, placing them into your own glass jar, adding some fresh herbs from the selection of basil, mint or wheatgrass and allowing the Thirst Mixologists to work their magic.

The stand was designed around Ciroc Vodka clean, fresh style with white flooring, deck chairs, tables covered in white cloth and glass jars filled with fresh, summer fruit such as mixed berries, watermelon and pineapple.

This exclusive to South Africa concept, proved to be a massive hit, with Ciroc and Thirst combined to be the most popular bar area at the show over the four days.

22 Oct 2008 15:32