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Winter specials

Thirst Bar Services is offering specials to warm you up for winter including a 15% discount on all functions between May 1st and August 1st 2008.
Winter specials

If that's not reason enough to keep you festive during the cold months Thirst also specialises in COFFEE & INFUSED HERBAL TEA BARS: Coffee is still one of the world's most popular drinks - who doesn't meet friends for coffee? Offer some of the superb variations of quality espresso based coffees we purvey from our unique and stylish Action Coffee Bars. Espresso Solo; Espresso Americano; Espresso Romano; Espresso Macchiato; Cappuccino and Café Latte. We also have whole host of other drinks to choose from; like Fine International Teas; Liqueur infused Coffees; Ice Blended Espresso based Smoothies and Hot Liqueur Sippers. One of our exclusive concepts is the Herbal infused Waters or Teas; which is purified water heated and infused with carefully selected fresh fruits, herbs and spices. All ingredients are natural and healthy, there is no caffeine and they are supremely refreshing.

Action Bars are set up within any function, so don't delay nothing like a party to keep you hot during winter.

15 Apr 2008 13:37