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Make smarter campaign decisions with an agile survey tool designed to help you optimise in-market advertising performance.
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Your guide to boosting digital media effectiveness and developing rapid understanding of which creatives are performing best, in context.
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Screen, test and validate your innovations with a suite of agile market research solutions that deliver rapid insights at the speed of your business.
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How the right consumer feedback tool can accelerate your insights career - if you choose wisely.
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Insights at the speed of business with Kantar

Accelerated Answers joins the suite of agile solutions to help marketers better understand consumers

No time to make consumer-led business decisions, but need answers to your burning questions yesterday? Get the scoop on Kantar’s agile solutions using quality data with the support of a team of industry experts...

Insights at the speed of business with Kantar

One of the first mobile research adopters, Kantar has long been a reliable, quality-driven source for online data collection. Every year we conduct hundreds of thousands of online interviews and help our clients connect with our industry experts to achieve their business goals.

Kantar’s Profiles Division specialises in panel building and online/mobile data collection, the Kantar Profiles Network is the largest single-source of permission based, GDPR-compliant research-ready respondents whose aim is to make it easier for marketing teams to develop and optimise marketing strategies based on at-scale human understanding. “We’ve simplified, streamlined and scaled how brand owners can access consumer profiles in compliant ways,” says Nadia Gaspari, managing director, Middle East & Africa, Profiles Division, Kantar.

Driving mobile from Cape to Cairo
Marketing & Media
Driving mobile from Cape to Cairo

Kantar  14 Mar 2014

The Profiles Division is the engine behind studies like Kantar BrandZ and Media Reactions, and have established themselves as mobile and online data experts, working across South Africa and the continent to bring you research at the speed of business. They are also the operational division powering Kantar Marketplace and their Holistic Brand Guidance solutions via Programmatic API-driven online data collection, to streamline and simplify data collection through a single access point.

Reputable and responsibly sourced data from Kantar

Kantar’s proprietary Panels connect your business to the voices and concerns of your target audiences in more automated, agile, and addressable ways. With over 400,000 research-ready respondents in South Africa, we collect the information you need to respond to today’s issues, today. Our opt-in panels respect data protection regulations and follow industry-standard practices to ensure the responses are from people who represent every walk of life. Kantar also uses its own industry-leading quality checks to prevent fraudulent answers from contaminating your data.

Accelerating your understanding of the consumer audience in your industry starts with finding the right, relevant, reliable sources. Our exclusive network of validated panel partners and proprietary Mobiworkx and LifePoints panels are ideal for collecting aggregate data to help you build your brand.

Our solutions are driven by speed and offer the flexibility needed to meet your research objectives

Accelerated Answers is the latest addition to a variety of agile solutions in the Kantar suite. It is the fastest route from reliable, permission-based, aggregate customer data to your business. Our goal is to create actionable solutions and provide you with the tools and insight you need to do business, now and in the future. In the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, you need proven expertise from a company that knows how to keep ahead of the trends. Kantar also offers field-and-tab projects, custom-templated solutions, efficient sampling methods, and unique audiences to get your vital data quickly.

The portal allows you to build your own bespoke research products that are uniquely designed to meet your needs. Research questions are fielded in an automated way – either via a self-service approach or involving the Profiles team to do-it-together (DIT), while still enjoying the benefits of automation and speed. The entire process from submission of questions to launching of the project in a programmatic way and to receiving data is automated via the portal.

A quick summary of Kantar’s agile solutions

Accelerated Answers

A flexible quick-turn field-and-tab solution to get answers fast via an online/mobile survey. Target audiences can be pre-defined and sample designs customised for your brand. Timelines from 48 hours depending on survey requirements. The results are delivered as Excel tables/SPSS data file.


The bus is back! Cost-effective answers to your tactical questions, fielded amongst a connected target audience via an online/mobile survey. Results are delivered as Excel tables. Set monthly timelines apply for submitting questions via this syndicated research offering.

Conversational AI

Understand shifts in category behaviour and drivers of brand growth through exploratory conversations, at scale. Our chatbots get to the heart of peoples' stories, true passions, and motivations, to underpin precise activation and impactful brand communications.

Marketplace for creative

Want to make sure that your ad investment generates brand return? Get ad-testing results in as little as 10 hours with results available in an online dashboard. Book a demo now and see how you can maximise your creative investment.

Marketplace for digital media effectiveness

Determine the brand impact and creative strength of your digital content in context. Optimise your digital media strategy with the right content across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Marketplace for innovation

Prioritise investment behind the concepts and ideas that win with consumers. Quickly test your concepts and ideas as well as pack prototypes to ensure that your innovation drives business growth.

Read more about our agile solutions here. With insights faster than your ice cream can melt, we’d love to partner with you to better understand consumers, turning insights into actionable business opportunities that grow your business and your brand.

Contact Diane Gantz and the Kantar Profiles team of experts to request a demo or inquire more about the Accelerated Answers portal and our Omnibus solutions, and how best to leverage it to achieve your unique business objectives.

Chat to Stacy Saggers about Kantar Marketplace our automated market research and asset management platform designed to let you test, learn, and move fast, delivering comprehensive consumer insights via an interactive dashboard. Request a demo and find out how easy it is to engage customers with online research on Marketplace or via our chatbots.

Whatever your future goals, Kantar is ready to help your business succeed. It all starts with fast flexible survey solutions from Kantar to help you #UnderstandPeople and #InspireGrowth.

Follow us on LinkedIn here and here, as well as on Twitter for our latest insights to help you understand people and inspire growth.

28 Oct 2021 13:32