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Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Ivan Moroke appointed CEO, Kantar, Insights Division, South Africa

Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Ivan Moroke has been appointed CEO, Kantar, Insights Division, South Africa and joins the Kantar Africa & Middle East Board. He will report in to Charles Foster, CEO, Kantar Insights Division, Africa & Middle East. “As Kantar moves towards a unified brand I know that we couldn’t ask for a better leader than Ivan to drive the business in South Africa. His enormous experience and passion for our industry will benefit both our staff and our clients as we integrate brands across the company, working together to turn insights into actionable solutions that will fuel business growth for our clients and have a real impact on their ROI,” says Charles Foster.

Commenting on his new appointment, Moroke says that he plans to focus on leveraging world-class Kantar data sources to mine insights that unlock sustainable growth strategies for Kantar’s clients and employees.

Moroke began his career at BAT and later moved to Added Value where he cultivated his passion for insights and growth strategies for business and brands. He has held leadership roles in strategic planning and business at Lowe Bull, and led teams at Yellowwood Future Architects and TBWA Hunt Lascaris, later founding the marketing insights and strategy consultancy, Co-Currency.

Moroke is chairperson of the jury for the Apex Awards and regularly serves on the judging panels of other industry awards including the Loeries and Bookmarks. He has chaired the Brand Council South Africa (BCSA) and is a previous Vice-Chairperson of the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA).

Karin du Chenne appointed Chief Growth Officer, Kantar, Insights Division, Africa & Middle East

Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Karin du Chenne has been appointed Chief Growth Officer, Kantar, Insights Division, Africa & Middle East. In her new role, Du Chenne will focus on deepening relationships with local, regional and multinational clients to bring them the best of what Kantar has to offer to grow their market share. She has worked across the region for many years and was previously based in Turkey as Chief Client Officer, and most recently was the CEO for Kantar South Africa for the past two years.

The business has also made several appointments within the insights team in South Africa to align with strategic initiatives to drive co-creation and purposeful collaboration across the organisation, making it easier for Kantar to build platforms and offers that address clients most pressing needs.

“Our ambition is that it will be easier for you to access the breadth of our expertise, and I could not have asked for a more talented and diverse group of leaders, united by the passion for the business and people,” comments Moroke.

Natalie Otte appointed Managing Director, Kantar, Insights Division, Johannesburg

Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Otte has been with Kantar for the past 15 years and was most recently CEO of Kantar Millward Brown in South Africa. In her new position, she will take on a wider role across Kantar’s Insights Division, and will also serve as Chief Client Officer. Commenting on her appointment, Moroke says, “I knew Natalie before I joined Kantar and was well acquainted with the phenomenal work she has done in growing the Kantar Millward Brown business. Working with her closely over the last year has revealed someone who puts clients first as much as she does every member of staff. The leadership of the Johannesburg office and national client initiatives is significant and will make the most of her talents.”

Brian Reid appointed Managing Director, Kantar, Insights Division, Cape Town

Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Reid has been heading up the client service teams at Kantar TNS in Cape Town for the past couple of years. Prior to rejoining Kantar TNS, he managed the Insights team at Distell and later led his own strategic insights consultancy. “In Brian we have one of the most well-rounded leaders I have come across in my professional life. His diverse experience shows in his brilliant strategic mind, strong business acumen, servant leadership of his staff and impressive client centricity,” says Moroke.

Leon Bodha appointed General Manager, Kantar, Insights Division, Durban

Kantar announces senior appointments in the Africa & Middle East region

Bodha leads Kantar global client programmes which are hubbed in the Durban Multi-country Centre. He is also focussed on global innovation and automation to bring fast access to data and quick turnaround solutions for clients. “Bodha recently celebrated his 20th anniversary at Kantar. He is someone who arguably has the most varied experience in the business at different levels covering creative design, operations, client service and innovation to name a few! Leon has grown through the ranks to be heading up the Durban operation which is testimony to his abilities, strong character and leadership skills,” says Moroke.

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9 Apr 2019 14:55