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Buccaneer School Shoes celebrate Mandela Day at Eastville Primary School

Back-to-school at Eastville Primary School in Mitchells Plain was filled with joy and excitement as Buccaneer School Shoes paid a visit to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day with the learners. The day is celebrated annually on 18 July to honour the remarkable legacy of Nelson Mandela by giving back to the community and inspiring the next generation of change-makers.
Celebrity performer Loukmaan Adams (left) and Buccaneer School Shoes' Zubeida Abrahams (right) hand over school shoes to Eastville Primary School principal Mrs Heynes
Celebrity performer Loukmaan Adams (left) and Buccaneer School Shoes' Zubeida Abrahams (right) hand over school shoes to Eastville Primary School principal Mrs Heynes

In line with the Mandela Day 67-minute campaign, which pays tribute to the 67 years that Mandela fought for human rights and the abolition of apartheid, Buccaneer School Shoes exemplified the spirit of giving by donating 67 pairs of school shoes to Eastville Primary School. The principal, Mrs Heynes, accepted the donation on behalf of the school.

Eastville Primary school principal, Mrs Heynes, reflects on the impactful event, saying: "Eastville Primary School is situated in an impoverished area well-known for its unemployment, poverty and gangsterism. Today the school is on a journey of cultural transformation. We want to change the mindset of learners, as well as the community – to have hopes and dreams for the future and also know that they are valued in life. This is accomplished through a process where we have implemented 12 values for the year – one for each month. Given that this month's value is thankfulness, it is the ideal time for Eastville Primary School to express our gratefulness towards this donation."

The much-loved South African singer and renowned performance artist Loukmaan Adams delighted the children with his captivating performance. It was an extraordinary moment when Adams shared that he, too, was once a learner at Eastville Primary School. He shared insights into how he accomplished his goals. His inspirational story had a profound impact on 1,200 learners in attendance, motivating them to aim for their dreams from a young age, just as he had.

“Mrs Heynes is an exemplary leader who has inspired me and countless other students. Her passion for education and her commitment to her school community is unwavering. Her leadership has transformed Eastville Primary School into a thriving environment where students can discover, grow, and reach their full potential,” says Adams.

Heynes concludes that: “The next focus towards transformation is for the school to get a school hall to help us boost our many cultural and sports programmes. I make an appeal to our community and the businesses out there to support Eastville Primary School to achieve this goal.”

For more information on Eastville Primary School and to become a school patron, contact Mrs Heynes at az.vog.sloohcsgcw@mirp.ellivtsae or call 021 392 8131. Visit and follow @BuccaneerKids to find out more about Buccaneer Dolly and Classic school shoe styles.

20 Jul 2023 13:06