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Carmen Lerm, Destination Marketing Specialist

Carmen Lerm holds a BA in Visual Communication Design from Stellenbosch. Her long career has taken her from a background in design to becoming a destination marketing specialist who is passionate about delivering results to her A-list clients such as Hylton Ross, City Sightseeing and Groot Constantia.
Carmen Lerm
Carmen Lerm

Together with her team, Carmen conceptualises, strategises and delivers on all the marketing, design, internal and external communication needs for her valued long-standing clients.

"Destination marketing is the process of communicating with potential visitors to influence their destination preference, intention to travel and ultimately their final destination and product choices," says Lerm. "Destination marketing is the articulation and communication of the values, vision and competitive attributes of the destination."

Carmen's many years of hands on experience in destination marketing have allowed her to identify the key points of successful destination marketing.

According to Lerm this involves understanding the motivations and preferences of visitors in their decision-making and travel planning process and identifying appropriate visitor markets that 'fit' the destination attractions and experiences and align with community values.

"It is vital to develop a strong and recognised destination brand and image that is underpinned by the values and unique point of difference of the destination," says Lerm. "Following this one must engage with stakeholders to implement key marketing activities including promotional and advertising actions to influence visitor perceptions, awareness and destination choice as well as effective sales and distribution channels to enable conversion of intention to visit into actual visitation."

"Destination marketing is a crucial activity for making the destination competitive in the tourism market. I am passionate about providing services and expertise that deliver on this goal," concludes Lerm.

27 Oct 2014 11:34