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OFM goes pink in support of Cansa

This October, OFM's #PinkTober campaign aims to raise awareness of and support for those affected by breast cancer. We're calling on central South Africa to support our drive to raise R300,000 for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) during this month.
OFM goes pink in support of Cansa

According to Cansa, the number one type of cancer reported among South African women is breast cancer. Approximately 19.4 million women aged 15 years and older live at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s important for women to be empowered with knowledge regarding lowering their cancer and health risk and recognising warning signs.

Each Wednesday, OFM will dedicate our programming to breast cancer awareness to offer encouragement to those living with the disease as well as share valuable information regarding prevention and support to those affected. We’ll also provide updates on our #PinkTober fundraising drive, where listeners – in their private or business capacity – can donate funds towards the cause.

Solidarity can also be shown by dressing in pink and sharing photos on social media with #OFMPinkTober on Wednesdays.

Plus, each week in October, OFM and Round Table Southern Africa will host fun corporate bowls evenings in Bloemfontein (5 October 2023), Welkom (12 October 2023), Klerksdorp (19 October 2023) and Hartswater (27 October 2023).

Teams of four can participate in these ‘Bowling 4 Boobies’ events for a donation of R2,000 per team. The proceeds will be donated to each area’s Cansa office.

OFM goes pink in support of Cansa

“OFM receives daily requests from listeners, who are dealing with all forms of cancer, seeking financial assistance. These fundraising events will make a big difference in the lives of those who are still fighting and those who are cancer survivors. We hope to get the whole of central South Africa to reach out by supporting this initiative to not only raise awareness but also to contribute to make a change,” says OFM sales and marketing manager, Anchen Lintvelt.

OFM brand manager, Bianca Smit, believes this will be a powerful initiative: “PinkTober and Bowling for Boobies strive to empower, support and raise awareness in our communities about breast cancer and how early detection can save lives. We call on everyone in Central South African to get involved in our fundraising initiatives and do your part in the fight against cancer.”

According to HJ Botha, Cansa representative, the organisation has been a leader in the fight against the disease since 1931: "Our vision of the Cancer Society of South Africa is to lead South Africa to a cancer-free society. We are delighted to announce the upcoming charity fundraiser dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer continues to affect the lives of countless individuals and families worldwide. Cansa recognises the importance of education, early detection and support for those affected by this disease. Your support makes a big difference in the lives of breast cancer patients."

Visit OFM’s events page on or our free mobile and desktop apps for full information of how, where and when to participate in OFM’s PinkTober breast cancer awareness drive.

For more information email: az.oc.mfo@gnitekram.

26 Sep 2023 10:48