Algoa FM Jocks going to jail

Algoa FM's Morning Show team spent the morning in jail on Mandela Day, July 18.
The special morning show will includ clips from speeches by former president Nelson Mandela. Former political prisoner and activist Khusta Jack also joined the team in the studio from eight onwards to share his experiences.

"The team decided to do something special to make a statement about Mandela Day, and thought that broadcasting from a cell would do that," says Algoa FM programme director Alfie Jay. "We sometimes lose sight of how great a man Nelson Mandela is, and his international stature. He is a son of the Eastern Cape, and we need to honour that. All the speech clips we selected talked about reconciliation and unity - two messages which remain important to the province and all our listeners," he says.

In addition to the Morning Show, Algoa FM's Saturday evening presenter Slyso joined a celebration at the Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Centre in Qunu, where he spent time with young leaders who have grown up in the same area as the former president.

These leaders have been inspired to give back through various initiatives at schools and in the communities surrounding them. Slyso crossed live to Algoa FM to share the Qunu activities with listeners.

After they had been released from jail, the Morning Show team planted seedlings in a vegetable garden at The Quest School for Autism as their 67 minute contribution. "Madiba was president from 1994 to 1999, and there is a whole generation who have grown up perhaps without a full understanding of the contribution he made to our lives.

"Through our broadcasts on Monday we hope to convey some of the 'Madiba magic' that makes our first president of a democratic South Africa such a giant on the world stage," says Jay.

18 Jul 2011 10:57