Popular DJs back on air

Two of the Eastern Cape's most popular DJs are back on air in a scoop for regional station Algoa FM.
Popular DJs back on air
Slyso (Sizwe Saliso) and Buli G have joined the Eastern Cape's premium radio brand and for both it is a case of returning to their roots.

Slyso, as he is more fondly known, worked as an intern on what was then Radio Algoa more than 12 years ago, before joining CKI fm (now Tru fm), and then Umhlobo Wenene. After years of waking our Xhosa speaking Nation on Umhlobo, Slyso will be converting his broadcasting skills from the realm of the Public Broadcaster to commercial radio in English. Slyso is also the founder and head of 4ward Movement Entertainment, and acts as DJ and emcee for national events around the country. Slyso said: “I am familiar with the winning team at Algoa FM and most excited by the prospect of communicating with a diverse audience.” In making the announcement, Programme Director Alfie Jay said: “I am thoroughly delighted that Slyso can find the time to join us. He is such a busy man and amidst a myriad of projects in which he is currently involved - we are proud to welcome him onto the team.”

Buli G started at Algoa FM in 2002, and left in November 2007 to join 94.7 Highveld Stereo. She has found her way back to the Eastern Cape working as marketing manager for the new soccer stadium and will also be rejoining her colleagues at the station. Buli G explains: “I've always had a soft spot for Algoa FM and I just couldn't pass up on the chance to re-unite with some wonderful people.” Jay says: “It's quite funny actually - I don't even recall asking - Buli and I just made eye contact and then we both kind of nodded our heads. We appreciate that marketing the stadium is her fulltime focus and the World Cup is just around the corner - nonetheless Buli had a good following on the station and we're pleased that she's back.”

“We are delighted that both these top presenters and DJs have found time in their very busy schedules to entertain the listeners of Algoa FM over the weekends,” says Algoa FM managing director Dave Tiltmann.

Jay: “I am privileged to have a wonderful team at Algoa FM - bringing the experience and personalities of Slyso and Buli onboard will only strengthen us.”

The two join Algoa FM at a time when it is one of a handful of stations in the country with growing listenership.

Popular DJs back on air
According to latest RAMS listenership figures, Algoa FM's past seven day listenership rose by more than six per cent, from 759 000 to 806 000. The Border Drive past seven day figures increased by 48 per cent, from 104 000 to 154 000. Commenting on the latest RAMS figures, Alfie said: “The political climate of 2008/9 combined with recessionary times didn't do much for positive radio listening in the province. This is exactly the reason why we stuck to our strategy. A consistent approach remains our key focus and the team has its finger on the pulse. Last year's Vodacom Fame victory signalled to us that Algoa FM has the support of the province. This year we brought the water crisis out of loose discussions and got people to change their habits. None of this would be is achievable if our audience didn't trust us - and they trust us because they know us to be consistent!”

“With Slyso and Buli G on air, we expect the weekend figures in particular to grow. They are two of the best presenters in the country, and appeal to a very wide audience,” says Tiltmann.

Despite hectic schedules outside “radioland”, they can be heard on Algoa FM from Friday, April 30 for Buli G and Slyso on Saturday, May 1. Buli G will take up Friday nights between 9pm and 1am Saturday morning, while Slyso will take to the airwaves at 9pm Saturday night until 1am Sunday mornings.

3 May 2010 12:35