Radio creates a crowd

A crowd of over 20 000 eager shoppers started queuing from around two in the morning for the opening of a new Metro Cash and Carry store in Port Elizabeth after the event was widely advertised on Algoa FM.
“We broadcast the opening live on air on Thursday morning, March 25, and the shoppers just kept coming," says Algoa FM programme director Alfie Jay.

The crowd was eventually so big that police were called to the scene to help ensure the safety of the shoppers.

So big was the crowd the next day (Friday, March 26), that management temporarily closed the doors to the Kempston Road store to help deal with customers waiting in long queues at the tills.

Queues continued throughout the weekend as Algoa FM listeners shopped for bargains.

“Once again, this shows the power of radio. We were the primary communication medium for the opening, and clearly people were listening,” says Jay.

30 Mar 2010 20:20