Algoa FM lightens the mood with good news this Easter

Algoa FM's news team will be looking for feel-good news ahead of the Easter Weekend.
“Algoa FM News is held in high regard for its accurate, up-to-the-minute news coverage of crime, politics, the economy and the environment. However, in the lead-up to this Easter Weekend, the team has decided to take a different approach,” says managing director Alfie Jay.

“We came up with this initiative based on the frequency at which our audience has complained that the news is always so negative,” says Doreen Loubser, the online news editor at Algoa FM.

“Truth be told, newsrooms around the world respond to this type of complaint with rolling eyes because good news isn’t traditionally the hard news as we know it,” she says.

“But, considering all the tensions in the country right now, we are choosing the day ahead of the Easter Weekend to share only good news.

“Our intention is to lighten the mood and give people a reason to smile.

“They may even celebrate some of the news they hear and the intent is also to provide a little hope ahead of the Easter Weekend,” she says.

The station will broadcast Good News Day on Thursday, the 18th of April 2019.

For listeners who still want up-to-the-minute hard news coverage from the Algoa FM News brand, will stay on top of the issues and events that affect the people of Algoa Country.

“We will never veer away from our undertaking to report the facts, do so fairly and within context.

“But on this one day, we want the focus on air to be positive,” she says.

To stay in touch with the news you can follow the Algoa FM News Team on social media @algoafmnews or message Algoa FM using the hashtag #GoodNewsDay.

18 Apr 2019 13:08