Algoa FM - first radio station in Africa to lead with innovative OB technology

Broadcasting from remote locations is on high demand in Algoa country, and with a new outside broadcast vehicle, Algoa FM chose to pioneer innovative technology to power the communications aspect of its outside broadcasts.
Algoa FM - first radio station in Africa to lead with innovative OB technology
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The radio station is moving away from fixed line technology to introduce Viprinet as its solution and in doing so, future-proofing Algoa FM’s sustainable efforts in this regard.

“We’re dependent on a highly reliable internet connection for remote outside broadcasts and our research revealed Viprinet to be the perfect solution because it bonds up to six links from different service providers into one high performance Internet link,” says Chris Wright, Digital Manager at Algoa FM.

“This means that a multitude of cost-effective cellular network packages from different service providers can be combined to create one highly secure and reliable virtual private network connection at very low risk offering high redundancy.”

“In short, we are using two cost-effective consumer links, which Viprinet bonds into one broadband connection that even exceeds the guaranteed availability of an expensive leased line,” says Warren Cooper, IT Systems Administrator at Algoa FM.

“So if one link fails, the other remains in play to ensure seamless internet access.”
“For the audio solution, we chose Prodys Quantum XL.” says Wright.

“It is a powerful, new portable IP audio codec with a built-in audio mixer. The automatic jitter buffer, adaptive bit rate and forward error correction allows for secure audio streaming with the best possible audio quality.”

“Algoa FM has been at the forefront of digital convergence in broadcasting since our privitisation in 1996. My team is highly innovative in their approach and I am extremely proud of this next phase in remote outside broadcast opportunities for the business,” says Dave Tiltmann, Managing Director of Algoa FM.

“With innovative technology and a brand new look to match, we are extremely happy to have literally “cut the umbilical cord” and can now do remote outside broadcasts from just about anywhere, anytime!”

8 Jun 2017 12:56