Youth invade Algoa FM airwaves on 16 June

Algoa FM has given the youth in their broadcast area the opportunity to serve as presenters, producers and newsreaders on 16 June. The project was started by the station in 2014 and the positive response received, from both the youth partaking and the listeners, has prompted the station to repeat this Youth Invasion.
Youth invade Algoa FM airwaves on 16 June
"We did a call for entries in April, interviewed and selected the crème of the crop to takeover our airwaves on 16 June. A total of twenty high school pupils commenced their training last week and will attend these training sessions twice per week in the lead up to Youth Day", says Programme Manager of Algoa FM, Baydu Adams.

Eleven pupils will co-present with the Daron Mann Breakfast Show, Lance Du Plessis, Mio and Queenie, Wayne Hart and Lauren Mungur, Gordon Graham and Jacques Arendt. Two pupils will serve as newsreaders, four as producers, and one as a sound engineer. Each show will have its own producer.

"They will need to do all the research, set-up interviews and create content for their shows. It's important that they understand the hard work that goes into broadcasting and they need to understand how on-air and off-air roles interlink", says Adams.

"Now more than ever, our youth needs inspiration and guidance. It is with sincere delight that we embark on initiatives that achieve more than just entertain our audience. Taking a fresh approach is one of the corner stones of Algoa FM's DNA. We can only hope that this level of engagement will inspire our youth. I am looking forward to the 16th of June this year and I'd like to encourage everyone of you, to tune in and listen to our Youth represent on Algoa FM", says Operations Director of Algoa FM, Alfie Jay.

26 May 2015 09:51