New look for Algoa FM News

The popularity of the news on Algoa FM has prompted the regional radio station to create a unique identity for its news service.
New look for Algoa FM News
"This, after research showed that our news product was the main reason, second to our music, that our listeners tune into Algoa FM", says Algoa FM News Editor, Shadley Nash.

Algoa FM broadcasts from the Wild Coast in the east to the Garden Route in the west, as well as inland to the borders of the Eastern Cape.

"Our on-air product has swiftly expanded to our online platforms and our following has grown exponentially, making us one of the regional leaders when it comes to social media," says Nash.

The stations Facebook News page grew from 10,000 to 40,000 likes in less than two years and its Twitter following is now more than 8,000 whilst 16k tweets have been sent since the establishment of the Twitter account.

"Our on-air Algoa FM News brand has a reputable identity in our broadcast area and is profoundly relied upon by our listeners," says Marketing Manager of Algoa FM, Toinette Koumpan.

"A key objective in the design of the News logo was to maintain a strong connection with the existing Algoa FM brand," says designer Andrew Hickman of the Port Elizabeth-based Imagination agency.

"To achieve this, the new Algoa FM News logo shares many of the well-established characteristics of the main brand logo, most notably the iconic red circular holding device and the distinctive Algoa FM lettering.

"The word 'News' is added in a modern and bold font, which is consistent with Algoa FM's brand positioning. It highlights the current nature (embracing social media networks and the web) in which news data and updates are made available to listeners and followers.

"A subtle clock reference was added to convey the actuality of the news and the accuracy of the information shared with the station's listeners and followers on social media and the web," he says.

5 Sep 2014 09:48