Algoa FM's Weekday Lunch soon to be hosted by Mio and Queenie!

The MD of Algoa FM, Dave Tiltmann, proudly announced the return of Mio Khondleka and Queenie Grootboom to Algoa FM. The duo left the station in April to help start up the new Power FM in Johannesburg.
Algoa FM's Weekday Lunch soon to be hosted by Mio and Queenie!
"The decision to come back home to the Eastern Cape was a big one for us. It will allow for us to take care of family and to truly take care of us as a couple. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Johannesburg and are grateful for the time spent at POWER 98.7. Being part of the starting group has been a powerful experience,' says Mio.

"Having worked with radio talent for more than 20 years, I completely understood their move to Johannesburg to pursue the different aspects of their careers. People in radio are creative souls and will always be exploring their talents and opportunities, especially a dynamic and visionary couple such as Mio and Queenie," says operations director, Alfie Jay.

Queenie says, "We've gone through a positive change, a change that has inspired us to want to be our best at all times. This new opportunity with Algoa FM will both challenge us and allow us to spend the much needed time with our families, one of the many things we have missed so much."

"This news couldn't have come at a better time for us, with the recent passing of Viv Bozack. It has been and remains a very difficult time for the staff as we come to terms with our loss. Both Mio and Queenie were very close to Viv and I know that they feel very honoured to take over the reins from such a talented person," says Dave.

"I am confident that our audience will be as thrilled as we are to have them back and will assist in welcoming them to Nelson Mandela Bay and Algoa Country. We are in the process of finalising the exact date but hope to have them back on air before Christmas," says Alfie.

18 Nov 2013 12:12