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Tracker is Taking Back Tomorrow

While not a pleasant topic, crime is a reality in the lives of all South Africans. This insight and the relevance of Tracker's involvement as a force for good in the country, led agency Joe Public to create a campaign that is intent on turning around the thoughts, actions and lives of South Africans, effectively helping them Take Back Tomorrow.
Tracker is Taking Back Tomorrow
Tracker is Taking Back Tomorrow
Tracker is Taking Back Tomorrow
Tracker is Taking Back Tomorrow
“Our previous strategic focus for Tracker has been mostly functional, differentiating the company from its direct competitors by highlighting certain powerful USPs,” explains Pepe Marais, Executive Creative Director for Joe Public. “As an agency that prides itself in the exploration of relevant consumer insights, we felt the time was ripe to evolve the Tracker brand's focus and appeal to consumers on a more emotive level. Tracker's genuine intent is to make a difference and act as a force for good for all South Africans and it was this brand truth that we wanted to highlight with the campaign.”

Laurent Marty, Strategic Director at Joe Public, adds, “We wanted to get the message across that Tracker, founded in South Africa, by South Africans, more than 10 years ago, is a company that cares about the country's future and is putting its money where its mouth is. Tracker is determined to make a difference by helping with the arrest of criminals and the closing down of chop-shops in close partnership with the SAPS.”

“We believe that Tracker's new positioning, Taking Back Tomorrow, perfectly sums up where the company is headed,” says Marais. “Whilst some people perceive the crime situation as a hopeless one, it is enlightening for them to know that there is a company who is actively doing something about the situation. The big idea was to make the citizens of this country feel a sense of empowerment, whilst highlighting the fact that they too can make a difference by joining Tracker.”

The two television executions, one featuring a white woman, the other a black man, are sure to make anyone sit up and take notice. They are authentic and positive messages that leave you with a sense of hope. The ads show the two inidividuals discussing the fears they encounter, their concern over crime and the future of South Africa. As the ad progresses, both individuals ponder on positive actions, which prompts them to reconsider their views towards South Africa and in the process, we see a change in their attitudes. As their monologue proceeds, a physical change occurs in both parties. Their tired, worn and anxious faces become more alive, eyes light up and scruffy beards and hairdo's are gradually smoothed over as they make the subtle transformation from the negative to the positive. A title sequence at the end concludes with a strong call to action inviting the viewers to “Join us today to take back tomorrow”.

Dule Anicic from boutique TV production house Bouffant handled the intricate and challenging direction of the campaign. Says Dule “Getting authentic performances from our characters was absolutely crucial. We shot each character in six different sets of make-up and wardrobe, expecting them to the deliver on performance in each instance in order for us to morph from one ‘look' to the next. They did not disappoint.” Post production on the commercials took seven days each.

The creative team responsible includes writers Vincent Osmond and Clint Bechus and art directors Brendan Hoffmann and Mpumelelo Zingitwa. Bronwyn James handled the TV production for the agency.

24 Jun 2008 10:40