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Oliver increases operational and cross-functional capabilities with new senior appointment
In-house digital agency Oliver South Africa is increasing operational and cross-functional capabilities with the new senior appointment of its all Africa client service director. 15 Aug 2023 Read more

Oliver's Neli Zuma is a shining example of pure grit and determination despite challenges
Neli Zuma, content and community manager at Oliver's U-Studio in-house agency for Unilever is an eclectic mix of style, tenacity, and faith despite suffering an horrific car accident in 2016 and is a shining example of how perseverance and a passion for what you do can help one rise above extreme adversity and challenges. 15 Nov 2022 Read more

Oliver to invest over R2m in upskilling talent in 3 years
Inside digital agency Oliver is set to invest over R2m in upskilling local talent within the next three years. This follows a successful sponsored learnership partnership with Red and Yellow School of Advertising that stems back from 2019 and other in-house upskilling initiatives. 18 Oct 2022 Read more

A trio win for Oliver at Campaign Global Agency of the Year Awards
It's a hat-trick for Oliver which has won a trio of Campaign Global Agency of the Year awards. Being acknowledged with this trifactor is an incredible achievement for Oliver both globally and locally. 8 Jun 2022 Read more

Oliver opens door to BrandTech Group for SA with new appointment
In-housing agency Oliver is opening the door to the BrandTech group's world class digital first solutions with the appointment of Peter Babol as its head of Digital for EMEA in South Africa. 24 May 2022 Read more

Oliver's U-Studio grows through effective creative
Oliver's pioneering in-house agency model is winning, both in growth and awards, according to Unilever's largest digital agency, U-Studio. 18 May 2022 Read more

#BizTrends2022: Automation, meaningful personalisation and privacy
Despite the ever-growing number of trends divulged at the start of any given year, one thing always remains - marketing in this day in age can be tricky. While the principles remain the same, customers behaviour over the last two years has continued to change drastically and with that, the execution of marketing strategies is rapidly shifting to be even more, if not totally, digitally focused. 14 Feb 2022 Read more

Oliver's U-Studio wins at Supersonic New Generation Awards
In-house digital agency Oliver South Africa has won two awards at the recent Supersonic New Generation Awards for Unilever's Shield and Aromat brands. 1 Oct 2021 Read more

Oliver gets serious about transformation with new management appointment
In-house digital agency Oliver South Africa is taking diversity and inclusion seriously with a new transformation management appointment. Dimakatso Mathe, joins the team to bring together talent, technology and processes. 30 Sep 2021 Read more

Oliver Agency levels up with new management appointments
In-house digital agency Oliver South Africa is levelling up with key management appointments; this comes as the agency sees a doubling of its head count in the past year. 31 Aug 2021 Read more

Oliver's in-house digital agency model pays off with double growth in the last year
Oliver South Africa's in-house digital agency model has paid off big time both locally and regionally with the agency showing double revenue growth, a substantial increase in gross profit and operating profit, and a doubling of its headcount in the last year despite the Covid-19 lockdown. 4 Aug 2021 Read more

The bottom line is not the only indicator of success in customer satisfaction
There are many ways to assess the impact of a marketing strategy on customer satisfaction levels but using bottom-line numbers as the ultimate indicator no longer cuts it. 8 Sep 2020 Read more

Shaking it up through marketing with a twist
Have you ever experienced the discomfort of your freeloading guests spoiling your show? Perhaps you sent a video meant for 'bae' to your mom instead? 27 May 2020 Read more

Being on-site can give you a powerful voice at the table
There's a general belief in marketing circles that working on-site with a client often puts you in the client's pocket when creating great work, undermining the quality and originality. 29 Jan 2020 Read more

Case study: U-Studio - the Unilever on-site marketing success
How was Unilever able to invest an additional €250 million into media buying and in-store advertising? It slashed the number of agencies it worked with, then collaborated with Oliver to boost brand performance. By combining the best elements from in-house and external agencies - a concept called on-site - they formed U-Studio. 10 Dec 2019 Read more

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