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We solve business challenges by providing digital marketing strategy and tech solutions to help our customers and clients reach and excite their customers and consumers.
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New year, new career: V5 Digital is hiring
It started as a whisper of new opportunities. Slowly a buzz of articles promised new growth. Then all at once, the US-based cloud computing software firm, Salesforce, announced they would be opening an office on African soil, bringing tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of revenue with them. 14 Dec 2022 Read more

V5 Digital invites you to V5 Africa: Why your business needs email marketing and marketing automation
Few people are genuinely excited to open an email these days. A more common response is to look at the bland generic content, sigh, and send it straight to the spam folder. 11 Oct 2022 Read more

V5 Digital celebrates V5 Africa success and invites you to "Why digital transformation is more than just a fad"
To build a business on African soil you need to be tenacious, resilient, and most of all agile enough to adapt to any situation. 13 Jul 2022 Read more

V5 Africa: Grow and engage a digital audience
Why this webinar with Dave? 11 Feb 2022 Read more

V5 Digital celebrates V5 Africa success and invites you to "Leadership at the Speed of Light"
The V5 Africa Webinar series is quickly becoming the premier platform for gaining and sharing business and digital insights in Africa. 17 Nov 2021 Read more

V5 Digital receives Silver Certification in SharpSpring Partner Certification Program
V5 Digital, a leading digital marketing agency based in Windhoek, Namibia - serving customers around the globe - obtained silver-level certification in SharpSpring's partner certification program. Through this program, SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ:SHSP), a global provider of cloud-based marketing and email software solutions, empowers its partners to become experts in marketing automation and rewards top performers with referrals, certification badges and additional resources. 7 Dec 2020 Read more

V5 Digital launches WhatsApp Enterprise Bots - for use by customers in Namibia and beyond
WhatsApp Enterprise coming to Namibia is a big deal for brands. But why all the hoopla? First of all, we need to get some clarity on the difference between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Enterprise. We all know regular WhatsApp - it is the juggernaut of messaging platforms used by the majority of Namibians. The average Namibian checks their WhatsApp a few times every hour, as it's the platform they love and trust. 6 Jul 2020 Read more

Want to get the most from your Instagram bio? V5 Digital has the solution
Instagram remains the coolest of the social media platforms, with fans, brands and influencers flocking to it to garner likes and followers. But as more of us get our businesses onto Instagram, there comes the stark realisation that it can be fairly difficult to drive your business objectives on the platform. Sure, you can use hashtags to expand your reach and acquire new likes and followers, and you can even use paid media to promote your post. But there is one critical problem: Instagram captions do not allow for clickable links, and your Instagram account bio has space for only one link. 9 Apr 2020 Read more