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Kena Outdoor is a Billboard Media Owner & Brand Communications Specialist that offers a selection of High Impact Billboards across SA.
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Kena Outdoor's move to programmatic digital advertising: A bold stride into the futureWith the world changing as rapidly as it is and technology being the leading cause of this change, outdoor media has had to adapt and evolve with these technological changes. As an innovative media owner, Kena Outdoor is aggressively adding digital screens to its already impressive inventory of high impact sites across South Africa. 8 Nov 2021 Read more

Kena Outdoor: Continuing to connect leading brands to consumers through adaptation and innovationOutdoor media is a challenging and dynamic space. This has been especially true in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, as economic activity and commuter patterns have been disrupted. As one of the leading Black-owned outdoor media companies in South Africa, we embrace the challenge of adapting and innovating to continue helping leading brands reach consumers, in targeted and memorable ways. 22 Sep 2021 Read more