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Milpark Education is a registered private higher education institution offering accredited business degree, diploma and certificate qualifications, ranging from NQF Level 3 - 10 across 5 Schools: The Business School, School of Commerce, School of Investment & Banking, School of Financial Planning & Insurance and College (FETC). Milpark also offers curated learnership and development (L&D) bespoke programmes for corporate clients.
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New School of Professional Accounting aims to serve South Africa better
With the launch of its School of Professional Accounting, Milpark Education aims to make finance and accounting skills, and the chartered accountant industry, more broadly accessible to South Africans - especially to students who have been hampered by disadvantages of schooling and background, as well as professional and personal circumstances. 8 Nov 2022 Read more

Rugby pro shares his MBA study insights
Philip van der Walt plays professional rugby for the Newcastle Falcons, a Premiership team based in the UK. For the past four years, he has been playing professional rugby while studying for an MBA with Milpark Business School. It's not been easy to juggle it all, and he admits he might have dropped the ball a few times. 1 Nov 2022 Read more

In today's world, everyone is busy. So busy, in fact, that it can cause us to lose ourselves. We obsess over being better, faster, or stronger that we forget about our wellbeing. We stop taking care of ourselves and our bodies because we believe that we don't have time for it. Our bodies aren't designed to be in this constant state of alarm. We are designed to fight or flight, and then recover. The modern world doesn't appear to allow us that recovery time, and this creates a vicious circle. The more stressed we are, the less time we have to care for ourselves. The less time we have to care for ourselves, the more stressed we become. 14 Oct 2022 Read more

Embedded insurance... an opportunity that cannot be ignored
Consumers can now get more competitively priced, pertinent and personalised insurance when and where they need it most, thanks to embedded insurance. 7 Oct 2022 Read more

First, what is health insurance? It is a financial product that consists of a benefit or multiple benefits providing cover for certain medical costs. Let us unpack this... 29 Sep 2022 Read more

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