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We're a full-service market research agency know for taking on client's challenges and working alongside them to find solutions. So, when your business needs intelligence that moves the needle, at KLA, we get it!
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Cryptocurrency the currency of the future? Research reveals what South Africans thinkCryptocurrency is a hot topic. Colourful conversations and passionate debates about how it works and whether or not to invest have been commonplace at dinner parties, family gatherings, in the office and online, for some time now. Those that had invested were considered risk-takers while those who had not, were too nervous to invest and worried that the 'bubble may burst'. 15 Sep 2021 Read more

How to market meat-free to meat-eatersSometimes it feels as if every second person is 'going vegan' or cutting out meat. 3 Jun 2021 Read more

When evolving's just not enough: Research company KLA rebrandsUndertaking a rebranding process is no small quest. So you have to have an exceptionally good reason for doing it, and it's usually one of these: 8 Apr 2021 Read more

Your brand's not only about you: The role of research in a rebranding processKia claimed a Guinness World Record in early 2021. And it had nothing to do with cars. 30 Mar 2021 Read more

You bought what for dinner?!?It's not always comfortable inviting new neighbours over for dinner; they could be unbearable from the moment they arrive. And then there's the added awkwardness of wearing masks and social distancing! But Mo and Lindi have taken the risk because 1) at some point they'll need a cup of sugar and 2) it's their experience that creating a community where they live, instead of just existing in their complex, can be rewarding. Especially after so many months of solitude. 18 Feb 2021 Read more

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