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GEOTERRA IMAGE provides integrated geospatial solutions to support clients through the use of state-of-the-art technological solutions and cross-industry insights.
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Tracking South Africa's changing rural and urban developments
The dynamic landscape of new developments and population trends continually evolves, playing a crucial role in identifying opportunities for economic growth and innovation. Monitoring the decline or increase of developments in urban and rural landscapes, and keeping track of new development patterns, is essential for various reasons, such as understanding the diverse needs, growth, and migration of South Africa's population. 27 May 2024 Read more

Filling the census data gap with complementary information
Across the world census data serves as a crucial tool for understanding and acquiring data regarding population dynamics, socio-economic trends, geographic distribution, and demographic indicators across the world. 23 Apr 2024 Read more

GeoTerra Image provides new insights into South Africa’s population lifestyles and living standards

A new advanced national dataset unveils key elements of lifestyles and living standards in South Africa by grouping the population into homogenous segments.

 9 Feb 2024 Read more

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