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1 in 3 children living in food poverty: Food waste vs child wasting food donations policy for SA is critical
Although South Africa has a net surplus of food thanks to thousands of commercial and smallholder farmers, ironically, more than 1 in every 3 children lives in food poverty; a staggering 27% of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition, and half of child deaths in our hospitals are associated with malnutrition (Global Hunger Index 2022: SA). 9 Nov 2022 Read more

Paying more but getting less: Wage vs inflation gap widening
Consumer price inflation data released by Stats SA recently show that annual inflation is up 7,8% in July from 7,4% in June. This increase is mostly driven by food prices, electricity, and transport costs. Workers earning lower wages have to prioritise transport and utilities, so that they can get to work every day and keep the lights on. 2 Sep 2022 Read more

The non-profit sector conundrum: Value vs volume
The surge in inflation appears to have no end in sight as the cost of goods and services continues to rise steeply. For those fortunate enough to have an income, managing the monthly budget is becoming more challenging, while the unemployed and those solely reliant on social grants for survival are experiencing unbearable hardship and anxiety, trying to put food on the table every day. 11 Aug 2022 Read more

The silent but deadly livelihoods crisis emerging
While 1994 represented a significant turning point in South Africa's political history, economic justice was not realised. For the most part, poor people remained poor, social conditions worsened, and political promises did not translate into a broad shift in terms of black peoples' income and wealth status. Now, 28 years later, due to cumulative economic hardship, low economic growth, high unemployment, food price inflation, global supply chain issues, the devastation from the pandemic, riots, floods, and droughts, the majority of South Africans remain at the periphery of our economic system, excluded, making it extremely difficult for them to eke out a sustainable livelihood. 11 Jul 2022 Read more

Food prices: Food crisis
Time for a different approach 7 Jun 2022 Read more

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