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Digemy Press Office transforms training for operational excellence, retention and return. By combining micro-learning platform technology, neuroscience and learning design, we exponentially increase training impact and enable data-led operational optimisation.
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Digemy wins Pan Finance’s Best Financial Literacy Program for Q4 2023, a leading South African micro-learning platform, is thrilled to announce its recent accolade - Best Financial Literacy Program for Quarter 4, 2023, awarded by global print journal and news website, Pan Finance. This honour recognises Digemy's commitment to harnessing the transformative power of micro-learning to foster financial literacy and skills development. 24 Apr 2024 Read more

Train to retain: 10 ways to maximise training and talent retention on the frontline
PwC’s 2023 Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey found that one in four (26%) employees are likely to change jobs in the next 12 months, up from 19% the previous year. 1 Feb 2024 Read more

Beyond micro-learning: unlock operational excellence for margins and market share at retail’s frontline
Today’s retail landscape is as dynamic as it is competitive. Beneath evolving consumer expectations, digital transformation imperatives and a shifting macroeconomic climate lies an often-overlooked lever for operational excellence – frontline enablement. 18 Jan 2024 Read more

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