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about us

Capacity Relations is a Proudly South African TRA-DIGITAL Communications Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with African and global reach. We extend beyond the realm of traditional communications and thrive on pioneering ground-breaking media buzz across traditional, social and digital platforms. We have adapted to the evolving communications landscape in order to become THE conduit to publication in the New Age.
Our core focus is connecting people through publishing culturally relevant content for our clients that resonates across all channels and all media.In fact, our engagement management has been voted best-in-industry.

We expertly refine brand identities and curate content for some of the biggest and most recognised global brands, supported by well-managed relationships with key players across the media spectrum.

Established in 2007, we have a proven track record of strategic thinking and bespoke communications programmes that boast superior ROI and brand positioning for our clients.Like our clients, we are laser-focussed on the bottom line through sales generation and reputation management.

We are built on a culture of performance and excellence. Big agency thinking. Small agency focus.

We are Client-centric, agile, effective. We’ve been at the forefront of powerful media partnerships and influencer-driven campaigns for some of the continent, and the worlds’ biggest and most recognisable brands. We’re cunning multi-channel strategists who pride ourselves on creating award-winning, sales-generating creative and strategic ideas. Through strong, relevant content and masterful storytelling – we deliver MILLIONS in published editorials for clients monthly.

Publicity In The New Age

Publicity is the vehicle for the message that creates tangible brand currency for or clients. Relevant content and impact placement are the drivers of returns-generating publicity.

As experts in this field, Capacity Relations has successfully and tangibly increased our clients’ brand relevance and street credibility while delivering superior ROI results, for over 13 years. More recently, the advent and rapid evolution of digital media has irreversibly changed the playing field. Knowing how to navigate this unlevel playing field to our clients’ benefit is now our key competitive advantage.

While storytelling has always been the cornerstone of a publicity campaign, how we tell those stories and what they sound like, has changed completely, and will continue to.

Capacity Relations offers the multi-disciplinary expertise to boost brand visibility by connecting to the target consumers on their preferred channel of influence and in their preferred medium. This means we focus not only on masterful storytelling – content creation – but also on content curation, along with the allied production of imagery.

We not only curate culturally relevant content, but have the nous and grasp to understand to whom to seed the content for greatest impact, from traditional media publications through social media channels to individual influencer platforms. Our hard-earned SEO capability enables Capacity Relations to optimise organic brand content while at the same time managing paid social media, supported by effective engagement strategies.

Publicity, when customised, managed and measured effectively for our clients, is the proven gateway to brand opportunities including lead generation, sales, and long-term value creation.