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about us

Propelair is an international, London-based cleantech company that produces one the world's lowest water-flush toilets. Engineered for commercial and public use, our technology reinvents a sanitation system that had remained unchanged for over 200 years!

Because of the growing scarcity of drinking water across the globe, we purposefully drive our ambition of 'being the sanitaryware business with the greatest impact on water savings'. By targeting public and commercial washrooms with a water savings solution, we attend to the area that accounts for up to 90% of water consumption in public areas.

Our mission is to save the planet one flush at a time. Our innovation enables a flush that only uses 1.5lt of water, a fraction compared to the traditional option that utilizes an average of six to nine litres per flush. By replacing 9 litres of water with 60 litres of air to propel just 1.5 litres of water into existing drains, we contribute to better waste management to help create a more sustainable future and save millions of litres of water, and its cost, per annum.

Our sales approach of presenting an in-depth business case that outlines potential water, cost and time savings, prior to installation, is a value-added service that puts our money where our mouth is!

How does Propelair work?

Propelair South Africa

Propelair outperforms conventional and other low flush technologies and competitors.

Propelair is industry approved and certified

CE-marked for EU sales CE marked for sale in UK (EU currently requires 4 litres)
WaterMark Approved to AS1171 & AS1172 (4 Litre Flush, Australia)
Complies with UK Water Fittings Regulations 1999
Complies with BS EN 997:2012 (CPR), BS EN 60335:1 & BS EN 60335:2:84 (LVD), BS EN 61000 (EMC)
Approved to ASME112.19.2 & CSA B45.1 (USA & CANADA) by NSF (subject to build spec and 2.5 litre flush)
Certified by Agrément ref certificate 2019/598 (SOUTH AFRICA)
Complies with SASO 1473 & 1474:2016 (GCC)

GLOBAL RECOGNITION: Propelair reaches the highest performance rating under BREEAM's water efficiency guidelines and has received a gold award for technology implementation at the South African Facilities Management Association.