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about us

What we believe.

We believe that data collaboration enables world changing opportunities for businesses and communities, but they should never be at the expense of the consumer or the business that serves them.

We believe that one of these world changing opportunities we can enable is growing financial inclusion.

Globally, over 1.7 billion individuals are missing from the formal financial landscape, unable to access essential services like housing, education, healthcare, and business capital. Why? Financial institutions lack the behavioral data that would allow them to serve these individuals confidently and securely.

Enter Omnisient.

What we do.

We enable financially beneficial collaborations for both consumer businesses and financial services that ultimately benefit customers and society
through the secure and compliant sharing of consumer data.

How we do it.

Our consultative approach, our use cases, and our secure and trusted data collaboration environment are accelerating the discovery, validation and commercialization of new alternative sources of consumer behavioral data that can be used to extend formal financial services to those who have been excluded in the past.