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about us

Our Salad Mix is a specialist media agency focused on engaging communities through impactful campaigns. Our focus on community radio station campaigns is supported with social media, interviews, sponsorships, content creation, activations and PR.

Our knowledge and experience of the demographics, LSM/SEM's, archetypes and geographical areas of the over 100 Community Stations that we work within a national footprint will make sure we create a targeted, tasteful campaign to meet your brief and budget.

OSM is ideally positioned to engage communities on any strategy. Whether your campaign strategy is a brand awareness campaign; a "call to action" campaign; an opening store campaign; targeting branches/ stores in a particular region or nationally; or focusing on ICU stores; the right community radio stations can achieve measurable results. Our buying power and business model gives us a great advantage to offer campaigns, with huge added value of additional prime time advertising slots.

Why the salad? - A salad bowl or tossed salad is a metaphor for the way a multicultural society can integrate different cultures while maintaining their separate identities, contrasting with a melting pot, which emphasis is on the combination of the parts into a single whole - Wikipedia

What's in our dressing? - Building relationships, passion, drive, partnerships, loyalty, humanity, consistency, adaptability, transparency- a hands-on approach

Our sister company, a news content agency, currently supplies news, sport and finance content to over 1 million listeners per week, covering communities throughout the country on over 50 radio stations. This gives us immediate access to powerful content that can be leveraged as sponsored content. We have journalists and content writers on hand to create content around your strategy in any language, as well as access to studios and voice overs for quick turnarounds on any campaign.

Our online portal used by the journalists and radio stations alike offer a secure portal for all content.