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about us

Who we are?

The Innovator Trust was created to support the growth of small black-owned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) businesses in South Africa. Through our programmes, we support and nurture the growth of SMMEs by facilitating training that develops their skills as business owners, and provides necessary resources and mentorship, ensuring they become sustainable businesses contributing meaningfully to the ICT sector and the country's economy.

Our Offering

The Innovator Trust offers a synergistic environment where entrepreneurs can share their knowledge, create working partnerships, and do business together which in turn helps to open doors to markets and resources.
Training and resource assistance is available to our cohort of beneficiaries through the following programmes we offer:

  • Enterprise Development Programme (ED)
  • Supplier Development Programme (SD)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP)
  • Start-Up Programme

Our Vision & Mission

The Innovator Trust's mission is to support the growth of businesses, improving the survival rate of SMMEs by helping them become structurally viable. Through training facilitation, mentorship, networking and infrastructure support the Innovator Trust is helping to create ICT leaders of the future.

As an Accelerator, our vision is to help businesses identify opportunities of importance and assist in identifying potential growth areas to maximise.

In the quest to Cultivate, we are cognisant of the sheer grit and boldness it takes to run a business and through our incubator programmes, our vision and priority is to ensure small business owners are equipped with the correct tools and skills needed to work towards success.

As Mentor, we understand the role of guidance and the significance of walking alongside entrepreneurs through both the good and tough times. We acknowledge the invaluable incentive of access to networks that would otherwise be closed to the small business owner. Our aim is to ensure our beneficiary SMMEs have access to sound mentors and networks.