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about us
Founded in 1970, Cornerstone Institute began by offering education to those without access to higher learning facilities at the time. As an independent, not-for-profit higher learning institute, Cornerstone continues to make education accessible to all.

Our ethos is underpinned by the values of; inclusivity, excellence, integrity, unity, respect and creativity. As a small institution of higher learning we source the best faculty, ensuring that the graduates are able to make a difference in all fields of study including; psychology, business, education, sociology, media studies, theology and community development.

By creating access to a university education and providing a productive and stimulating environment for students we hope to provide teaching and learning in the service of others to advance human dignity and social justice for all.

Our integrative teaching approach inspires critical engagement, innovation and research to generate knowledge that benefits humanity.

We stay committed to community development in all its various forms, be ethically grounded in our ethos and focused on effective career preparation and pathways.