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about us
Marketing is a dynamic and challenging professional skill that calls for deep insight and empathy, razor-sharp strategic thought and flawless execution. Like most professions it is continually evolving; so much so that in 2019 many marketers find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, the pressure to deliver profitable growth continues to escalate. On the other, the external forces shaping the discipline are not only complex but developing at such a pace that many marketers simply can't find time to understand them much less respond to them strategically.

Who are we?

Marketing Achievers is founded on the belief that the most successful marketing professionals are learning people. Because their day jobs are so frenetic, it helps to have a place of authority to retreat to: a safe yet inspiring environment where they can decompress and gain perspective through lively debate and exposure to leading practitioners.

The foundation is a thought-leading ecosystem of commercial partners, CMOs, academics and researchers designed to inspire, inform, mentor and ultimately, to celebrate marketing excellence.

Our inaugural summit and awards ceremony to celebrate the Marketing Achievement Awards takes place at Sun City on 26th to 27th June.

The theme of this event will be "Future-proofing Marketing"

Why this theme?

Marketing is at a crossroads; caught in the crossfire of seismic worldwide trends and complex industry developments. The digital revolution, the sustainability imperative, burgeoning cynicism about corporate motives and practice... all pose more questions of business than there are currently answers.

Within the value chain of corporate endeavour, no function is better positioned to provide these answers than marketing!

How will the summit contribute to this outcome?

Through a combination of world-class speakers and live action plenaries, the summit is designed not just to recognise and celebrate great strategic marketing but also to get marketers thinking, talking and aligning on key issues and imperatives.

When do the Marketing Achievement Awards take place?

The glamourous awards gala dinner will be held in the Sun City Super-bowl on the evening of 27th June. There will also be a South African Hall of Fame induction for marketing, honouring the finest in the field.

Who can attend?

All marketers who have entered the awards are given the opportunity not only to be in the room, but to extend the invitation to their agencies, clients and the broader marketing community. The event is open to everyone interested in supporting the MAA's goal of uplifting the local marketing industry.

Come up for the day, or stay at the fabulous Sun City for an evening or two - be part of the conversation and join us as we celebrate the brains behind the beauty, the minds behind the magic!

Bookings are open and we hope to see you there.