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about us

ABOUT: Where knowledge, innovation and experience meet.

History: Over the last 12 years, Aspergo has grown to become a trusted supplier in the energy sector. We started out in fuel processing and supply, to developing custom built systems for clients in the oil processing industry.

Vision: As established traders in energy, we believe in the future of Renewable Energy. We have chosen to partner with industry leaders in the field of solar energy to add this new division to our stable. Our systematic approach to developing relationships with specialist contractors in every aspect of our business, means we manage the areas of procurement, logistics and quality. We are a company built on integrity and reliability, who are able to provide customers with ongoing professional service. With a hands on approach, where the owner is responsible for all areas of the business, we are able to offer a level of quality that meets expectations.

Core Values: With a longstanding background in the waste oil refinery industry and a bank of knowledge in processed furnace oil, Aspergo was born with a focus on a niche market. We've grown to add Liquid Separation technology to our product base, and now offer our clients the power to manage their own solar energy production. With a customer-focused ethos, we value honourable and honest business practices

Leadership: We value innovation. We are driven by quality and a desire for knowledge and we constantly aim to go above and beyond in not only the services we provide but in the way we provide them too.

Strategy: We owe our success to the acquisition of knowledge, hard work and innovative thinking. We strive to partner with world leaders in technology, to bring a quality product to our clients. In turn we invest in development programs to pass on knowledge and the ability to acquire knowledge, to the next generation.

Research: Every aspect of our business is supported by documented research and testing by registered authorities. In this way we can assure our market of continuous quality while keeping up with new developments.

Network Society: We live in a fast paced world, where information is the most traded commodity both in volume and speed, than anything else. We incorporate this into our distribution model, constantly processing information from clients and developing technology. This influences our thinking and directs our innovative design direction.

Technology: The rapid pace at which technology advances, means that the market is always expectant of innovation. We choose technology that is easily updated, without shortening the intended lifespan of the product. Software upgrades can improve performance without replacing hardware.