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Topco Media is a leader in South African business-to-business communication, where our primary service and product offerings i.e. Events and Publishing, aim to reward, celebrate and advertise the best in South African business and government; educate; inform; foster relationships; and facilitate understanding on a range of topical issues and subjects.

Through an authoritative, definitive and poignant stable of publications and events, the company works to ensure local and international businesses have access to effective vehicles of communication and marketing that are distributed to key public and private sector stakeholders in South Africa and abroad.

Through this, the company works to establish and entrench the image of a South Africa that fosters a positive climate for trade and investment.

Topco Media is undoubtedly one of the most successful organisations of its kind in the country, offering a variety of information-based communication tools aimed at developing the public-private partnerships, and other business relationships needed to facilitate local economic growth and development.

Our publications include:

South Africa's Top Performing Companies - leading companies in a straight across-the-board comparison of quantitative data.

Impumelelo: Top Empowerment - SA's Top Empowered Companies - definitive guide to transformation through black economic empowerment.

Standard Bank Top Women Leaders - the emergence of women in public and corporate life is an achieved fact, but one that still demands recognition.

Top 500 South Africa's Best Companies - the top 5 leaders from 100 business sectors - companies that are not necessarily the biggest but are unquestionably the best.

Public Sector Leaders - Middle and senior leaders in public service and the public sector in general, Public Sector Leaders speaks to an audience with the highest level of authority - government decision-makers. With a digital readership of 40 000 monthly, Public Sector Leader is the only specialised platform that offers a window of opportunity for marketers and communicators in both the public and private sectors to engage with an audience of senior government officials. If you are a Public Sector Manager, this magazine needs your attention.

Top HR Leaders - acknowledges and celebrates the key role that HR practitioners play not only in the survival of businesses – but also the trajectory to abundance.

ESG: The Future of Sustainability - The official directory for doing business with South Africa’s most sustainable companies.

The Events Division organises and hosts a range of events held on topics of relevance to today's business professionals. From lavish awards events, to conferences and summits, this tier of the organisation creates opportunities to network, facilitate business growth and development, and dazzle and entertain.

Our events, summits and publications include:

Africa Tech Week
Standard Bank Top Women
Top Empowerment
Future of HR
Future of Sustainability

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