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about us
Who we are

Pula Capital Partners is a BEE private equity partner for companies seeking an empowerment investment.

Our DNA has been forged through a partnership of one of South Africa's most admired private companies who is a leader in company development and executives who have specialized in private equity investment and company growth over the past two decades: see

Pula's parent partners LRMG, have trod the empowerment road themselves are Black Owned and B-BBEE Level 2.

What we do

We invest in your business and our goal is to help you grow - we also only profit if we all create value together. Our investment is aimed at you achieving a level 2 rating and status as an supplier, thus giving you almost full supplier points.

What we specialize in

  • Human Capital
  • Company Strategy
  • People and Business Development
  • Core Performance Metrics
  • Equity Value and Growth
  • Capital Raising and Funding
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Portfolio Company
We consider investments in most industries.

Our ideal investments are in companies that have revenue of between R20-R50m per annum, who have growth potential, but may be seeing the recent B-BBEE requirements as a stumbling block to unleashing that growth.

For a comprehensive analysis of whether your company would benefit from an investment, please contact one of our deal executives.

The Team

Brian Rainier - Brian has over 30 years business experience, gained in industry as well as the financial world as an entrepreneur, business owner, analyst, corporate financier and JSE sponsor executive. He is a director of multiple businesses and has been a champion of mid and small cap companies. He has held directorships in venture and private equity.

Ricky Robinson - Ricky is CEO and founder of LRMG. A 20 year veteran of the business of helping businesses perform at their peak, testament to which is his leadership of LRMG being one of the "Most Admired Companies to Work for in South Africa".

Alan Neil - Alan Neil is our Financial Director. Whilst rigorous in his financial abilities and controls in managing 15 strong and varied business units, he also dreams of a nation where every individual has access to education and therefore holds the key to a brighter future and healthy finances. Alan believes that empowered people create great organizations and a healthy economy.

Pula Capital Partners ( is a BEE private equity partner for companies seeking an empowerment investment.