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about us

Bonitas celebrated its 40 th birthday in 2022 and has been around long enough to develop a rich heritage and solid understanding of the private healthcare industry in South Africa. Our team of experts constantly look for innovative ways to offer our members affordable, quality healthcare. This means being agile, keeping our fingers on the pulse of technology, managing your care to identify and treat lifestyle diseases before they become chronic and negotiating better rates for you.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our wide range of plans ensure that you and your family find an ideal fit for your particular healthcare needs. We also believe in keeping things simple and have made our plans easy-to-understand and use, while helping you stretch your benefits as far as possible. Whether you are a go-getter entrepreneur, a CEO, newly-weds, a couple with a new family, facing retirement or a minimum wage earner who needs peace of mind when it comes to healthcare, Bonitas is there for you.

And yes, size does matter: We have financial stability, strong key indicators of fiscal health and
reserves of over R7.4 billion. So, you know we have you covered.