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Skin Renewal Clinics are located in Gauteng, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. Our medical aesthetic treatments include injectables, medical lasers, PDT Therapy, Carboxytherapy, Mesotherapy and Laser Hair & Vein Removal.
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Now trending: Hot off the (IMCAS 2024) press
Celebrating global innovation, the 2024 IMCAS World Congress – held in Paris from 1 to 3 February – saw 18,000 attendees, 350 exhibitors, 980 speakers, and representatives from 136 countries, gather for the world’s largest, annual scientific aesthetics congress. And, of course, our very own Dr Maureen was there. 23 Feb 2024 Read more

Now trending – MicroTox
Whether you’re needing to get red carpet-ready or simple want to look your best in every holiday selfie, this is one treatment you’re going to want to fit into your schedule. 7 Feb 2024 Read more

Skin Renewal continues to raise the bar
With the opening of its 19th clinic in Rosebank, the Skin Renewal Group continues to raise the bar for the South African aesthetics industry, staying abreast of global trends - from techniques and innovation to products and treatments. The result is a proudly South African, world-class leader in aesthetics that more than holds its own on a global stage, matching an unwavering commitment to aesthetic excellence with a genuine passion for transforming the lives of the 10,000 patients who walk through the doors every month. 2 Oct 2023 Read more

From the founders desk
As we look back over the past year, we do so with immense gratitude, underpinned by both a sense of accomplishment for what's been and excitement for what's to come. 17 Jan 2023 Read more

Skin Renewal opens new doors for the 19th time with Century City clinic
Testament to the continued and purpose-driven year-on-year growth of one of South Africa's leading aesthetics clinic brands, the Skin Renewal Group is finishing 2022 stronger than ever with the opening of its 19th clinic, Century City. A long-identified and much-needed link in the Skin Renewal chain, the new branch makes world-class, industry leading aesthetic and holistic wellness accessible to patients based in Blouberg, Milnerton, Table View, Melkbos and other addresses up the West Coast as well as to the Century City node. 24 Nov 2022 Read more

Skin Renewal: Your trusted skin doctors
In the South African medical aesthetic landscape, Dr Maureen Allem and Victor Snyders have created one of the leading medical aesthetic clinics through a unique blend of medical excellence and entrepreneurial flair. The clinic is one which competes on a global scale as a result of the fact that the clinic is a business that is ultimately about a passion and not profit for both of them. Both Victor and Maureen had a desire to change people's lives and, through their work, give people the gift of self-confidence in ensuring that they become the best version of themselves. 8 Nov 2022 Read more

Influence meets affluence
The Affluence Black Polo event recently took place in Ballito. As the Skin Renewal team, it gave us a fantastic opportunity to spend 48 hours in person with a much-appreciated extension of our Skin Renewal family - our 'glow-getting' influencers and accomplished content creators. 25 Aug 2022 Read more

Skin Renewal puts the 'anti' in anti-ageing with cutting edge new treatment
If you're looking brighten and tighten your skin, without anti-social downtime or time-consuming post-procedure admin, Secret™ RF micro-needling is the glow-getting treatment you've been looking for. And it's available at Skin Renewal, nationwide. 1 Jun 2022 Read more

Skin Renewal proudly introduces the highly innovative Endymed
Currently the first medical aesthetic clinic to offer Endymed Pro's specific device-driven tech to patients, Skin Renewal is not only excited about this advancement in skin and body treatments, but understands what it means for patients. Founder and medical director Dr Maureen Allem's key focus has always been continuous investment in the latest anti-ageing technologies, products and staff training. "This approach allows us to offer combined solutions, giving our patients infinitely better results," she explains. 18 Mar 2022 Read more

Body of work: Skin Renewal's rebranding is a tribute to medical aesthetic excellence
South Africa's intrepid Skin Renewal is a true leader within the medical aesthetic industry. As this ever-growing-business continues to make great strides in innovation, it's only fitting that this is reflected in its brand identity. Having recently opened two new clinics in Waterfall, Gauteng and Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, Skin Renewal is incredibly proud to now offer patients 18 locations to meet their tailored skincare needs. It's this core value of growth that spurred a rebranding, signifying the scientific and modern principles combined with the luxury experience Skin Renewal is known for. A strong yet fresh logo and emotive tagline is the result; it captures the spirit of the brand, unifies all parts of the business and conveys it's purpose. 22 Feb 2022 Read more

Camera-call ready? Here's how to hit that target!
We're now truly in the working age of the digital meet. Call it Covid-19, call it #WFH, call it a smarter commute, but got a device and the right apps and you're good to go. Or are you? Unfortunately what this digital phenomenon has highlighted are skin concerns. From aging areas to a tired and dull looking complexion, the laptop camera isn't known to be your face's BFF. And sure, there's makeup to boost glow or add colour to washed-out skin, but long-term treatment means proper skin care. And the best and most sustainable method is non-invasive therapy. 26 Nov 2021 Read more

Meet the revolutionary injectable: Treat loose skin with a non-invasive facial overhaul
Non-invasive injectable therapies like neurotoxins and dermal volumisers have long been the gold standard in anti-ageing prevention and care. And while they remain a winning formula for expression lines such as bunny lines - and definitely for wrinkles - for those battling skin laxity, there's a new category into the injectable market. Profhilo (Bio-Remodelling) is known to make all the difference. Not replacing targeted injectables that work so well, it rather teams up with these treatments to offer a solution-based approach to age prevention. While neurotoxins and dermal fillers hone in on specific concerns, Profhilo gives an overall boost, helping skin remodel and reshape once more. Are you concerned about laxity and that crepe-like look? Thanks to Skin Renewal's launch of Profhilo in South Africa, now there's a powerful and sustained solution in an injectable form. Got you interested? Read on... 2 Nov 2021 Read more

Here we grow again!
Skin Renewal Waterfall opening September 2021 14 Sep 2021 Read more

Onwards and upwards! Skin Renewal Ballito now open
Skin Renewal is excited to announce the opening of the third KwaZulu-Natal Skin Renewal branch, situated in Ballito on the North Coast. This branch joins the trusted Skin Renewal clinics in Durban and Umhlanga, catering to this particular region's patients' skin health, wellbeing, and anti-ageing needs. 6 Sep 2021 Read more

Advice from Skin Renewal: Questions to ask your injector
There once was a time when, if you wanted to turn back the hands of time, you'd have to consider a risky, invasive procedure like a surgical facelift. Now, however, thanks to brilliant innovations in aesthetics, you can rejuvenate and refresh using injectable treatments like botulinum toxin (often referred to by the brand name Botox®) and dermal filler. Thing is, while both of these treatments have been safely used for decades, your results will always depend on the skill of your injector. These are just a few of the questions you should be asking anyone before they come anywhere near your face with a needle. 25 Jun 2021 Read more

How Skin Renewal is clearing adult acne holistically
Whether you're a teenager with raging hormones or a frustrated adult, acne is never a pleasant condition to live with. It affects our physical appearance as well as our confidence and can also cause high levels of discomfort and pain. Still, if you start experiencing breakouts, one of the first things you have to figure out is what's causing them. 8 Mar 2021 Read more

The way men take care of their skin is evolving
There once was a time when the men's grooming section consisted of shower gel, razor blades and face wash. Now, however, men understand the importance of a good skincare and grooming routine. They've also discovered the benefits of professional skincare treatments including those that can slow down the ageing process. The sooner one starts using preventative treatments and products, the better the long-term result. After all, as with most things, it's much easier to keep something in good shape by maintaining it, rather than fixing it once it's broken. 10 Feb 2021 Read more

Why Skin Renewal's holistic body approach to weight loss works
As much as good eating habits are vital to a successful slimming campaign, years of experience at the Renewal Institute has shown that lifestyle habits are just as important. If not assessed, addressed and changed, a long-term solution to weight loss just isn't possible. This isn't only true for slimming, but for overall health too. It's the very reason why Renewal Institute developed the four pillars of health - gut health, exercise, good nutrition and stress management. Each of these pillars are integral to one's well being with sleep optimisation being the foundation upon which they rest. 19 Jan 2021 Read more

The 4 pillars of health
If you've been enjoying clear, healthy skin then suddenly experience some kind of flare-up, be it eczema or a breakout, it's time to start paying attention to your body. Much like the lights on a dashboard that tell us when something is wrong with our car, inflammatory skin conditions are a signal that something is wrong. 16 Nov 2020 Read more

Skin Renewal's Stellenbosch branch has relocated to beautiful new premises in Die Boord
Skin Renewal's Stellenbosch branch has relocated to a fabulous new premises - Die Boord in Saffraan Street - just across the road from its old location. 27 Oct 2020 Read more

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