More jobs to be gained by energy transition than lost - Irena, ILO
How to turn confrontation about Africa's biggest hydropower dam to cooperation
Africans call on global community to honour commitment to 'just, inclusive' energy transition
Cyprus and Egypt sign deal to pursue electricity hookup
Zambia's state power firm Zesco has $3.5bn debt - energy minister
Africa on the cusp of a new energy paradigm - Kearney paper
Solar panels on half the world's roofs could meet its entire electricity demand - new research
Resilience the key to unlocking successful independent power projects in Nigeria
Kenya sets up audit team for loss-making power distributor
Top 10 renewable energy projects in MSBGC region
Global Wind Energy Council launches Africa WindPower
Zimbabwe okays export of 200,000 tonnes of excess power coal
Nairobi's fuel dispensers replace charcoal, kerosene with biofuel
China will no longer build overseas coal power plants - what energy projects will it invest in instead?
Kenya cancels power purchase negotiations, replaces energy minister
Senegal: Boosting the role of women in the energy sector
Uranium: what the explosion in prices means for the nuclear industry
AOG 2021 Women in Energy panel highlights role of women in energy development
Safaricom offers $288m smart meter system to cut Kenya Power losses
How IPPs can be effectively leveraged in the African power generation landscape

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